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Parent-Infant Environment – Starting at 12 weeks

Dr. Maria Montessori had a special vision for the very young child which we put into practice in our parent-infant courses.

The primary goal of this program is to empower parents and care givers to assist their child in developing basic trust and sound self-confidence through respect and compassion.

Every step of the Montessori experience is aimed at facilitating continual success.

We facilitate adults to guide their child’s discovery of his or her own special and independent abilities.

We provide a spacious environment that allows for freedom of movement and is filled with engaging materials for exploration, sensory experiences, language development and healthy emotional growth.

We follow each child’s natural developmental patterns, listening intently to his or her individual needs.

By guiding observations and interacting with their infant we assist parents and cargivers in developing their ability to read their child’s cues, which is essential in building trust.

By meeting the infant’s needs in a respectful, responsive and reciprocal manner, we provide the nurturing and security necessary for happy and healthy infants.

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“Parent and Child” classes are weekly opportunities for parents to bond and grow with their child (3 months-3 years). The classes are fun, informative and offer a supportive environment for parents to discover and honor the spirit of their child.

Redirecting Children’s Behavior Courses


“Redirecting Children’s Behavior” is a powerful course designed to help form cohesive high-functioning family units.  Through this parenting course, families are given the practical tools they need to redirect children’s behavior.


“Redirecting Children’s Behavior” is a dynamic course with the goal of teacher and student empowerment.  This course addresses behavior management issues and teaches techniques for educators that aid in creating cooperative classrooms and assist in classroom management.

Course Information

Five weekly classes are held for a total of 15 hours of instruction.

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“Redirecting Children’s Behavior” is strongly influenced by the work of Rudolf Dreikurs, MD., author of the highly acclaimed book “Children: The Challenge”. The course was developed by Kathryn Kvols author of the book “Redirecting Children’s Behavior”.

In this powerful program, you will learn many valuable keys, including how to:

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  • Eliminate nagging, threatening and bribing.
  • Identify and meet each other’s needs which, minimizes whining, arguing and bullying.
  • Create a team where no one feels overburdened or left out.
  • Learn discipline that leaves both the child and the parent feeling empowered.
  • Teach family members values, responsibility, cooperation, and self-motivation.
  • Develop skills that enhance resiliency to life’s bumps and scrapes.
  • Teach family skills to keep their “cool” during heated situations and resolve conflicts with win-win negotiation.

What you can gain from this course:

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  • Reduce arguing, scolding and yelling
  • Feel positive about your parenting skills
  • Create more time for yourself
  • Skills to promote agreement instead of fighting
  • Promote agreement with your spouse

What your children will gain from this course:

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  • Responsibility & initiative
  • Self-control
  • Good decision making skills
  • Resistance to peer pressure
  • Cooperation skills and develop successful attitudes
  • The average child in America receives only 12.5 minutes per day in communication with his/her parents. On the average a child receives 400 negative comments compared to only 32 positive comments per day. In a study of children ages 1-12, the single most important determinant of:

“Redirecting Children’s Behavior” is by far the most entertaining and effective parenting program around, and it’s author, Kathryn Kvols is an incredibly dynamic and appealing presenter! If parenting education had a rating scale, “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” would get five-stars.”
Tim Seldin
President, The Montessori Foundation