The goal of the administration, faculty and staff at Renaissance Montessori School is to join together with parents to support and educate each individual child. We welcome families into our community who share the same vision we have for education. Parent involvement creates partnerships, builds community within the school and gives the children a sense of connection outside the school day. Being directly involved with the school also provides an opportunity to view the children’s learning environment from a unique internal perspective, giving the families a much deeper appreciation for how devoted the teachers are to the children and how committed the school administration is to their vision.

Renaissance Montessori School strongly encourages families to feel at home and participate in the broader life of the school through social, educational and volunteer activities. We value the contribution that families make to our school through the gift of time in our volunteer program.

Renaissance Montessori School is committed to supporting parents and families. We provide many opportunities to become more familiar with the Montessori approach, child development and positive parenting skills.


view.php.gifVISORS (Volunteers In Support of Renaissance Montessori School) is an association created to support the teachers, administrators and community by coordinating the efforts of all volunteers with the needs of the school.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering during the School Year? Download, complete and return the following form to the office.

Parent Volunteer Questionnaire PDF